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Steve Mammoser

Financial Advisor | CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional

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I was raised on a dairy farm in Jasper County and even though I had a great childhood, I knew that milking cows for the rest of my life was not for me.   I saw my dad not miss a milking for over a decade to make sure my siblings and I had opportunities he never enjoyed (I am the youngest one in the picture).  We learned first-hand the discipline and focus it takes to finish a job no matter the difficulties you encounter.  My parents worked very hard on that farm, and they taught us what it takes to fulfill your dreams.  I met my beautiful wife Jodi in college and we started making dreams of our own.  Jodi has retired after over 30 years of teaching grade school and now evaluates student teachers for Eastern Illinois University.  She also runs a college consulting business on the side, Achieve with Jodi.  We raised 3 amazing children. Mark and his wife Whitley are new parents to our granddaughter Rainey.  Also known as the “the sweetest baby in the world”.  We have twin daughters Jordan & Rachel.  Jordan is married to a young man named Jordan.  We need nicknames to keep them straight.  Rachel recently married her husband John and they live in Effingham.

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I grew up in a sports family and our favorite sport was whatever was in season.  My two older brothers were setting school records and winning championships and I wanted nothing more than to do the same.   I loved basketball, but was fortunate to win the state in the high jump and earn a track scholarship.  Track was my ticket to college, but after an injury I soon realized that I was better with numbers than staying healthy.  (I’ve had multiple knee surgeries and have the HONOR of being the youngest double knee replacement for Dr. Bonutti at age 45.)   I still golf and love sports, but eventually realized that finance was my REAL calling, where I really could help people. 

After graduating from Eastern Illinois University in 1990 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance, I moved to St. Louis and obtained my securities registrations.  After a year in the “city”, my high school accounting teacher told me that Peoples State Bank was looking for someone like me.  This led to me starting the investment center for the bank.  In 2003, I completed my degree from the College of Financial Planning and became a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional.  This certification requires a broad understanding of investments, insurance, taxes and estate planning strategies including trusts.  I truly enjoy the personal relationships involved in financial planning and love to develop a plan that fits my client’s situation.

I fortunately decided to affiliate with Commonwealth Financial Network in 2017.   It has been a wonderful decision to partner with an independent firm with so much to offer.  They offer a unique networking experience designed to help hone my knowledge, share best practices, and provide ever-higher levels of service, education, and leadership to my clients.

Nancy Kocher

Client Services Manager

I was born and raised near Wendelin, Illinois.  This small town is known for Vic’s Café/Tavern and the Holy Cross Catholic Church.   I became a Jasper County resident when I married my husband, Kevin Kocher on March 26, 1988. 

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We have two adult children—Kelsey & Jordan—well actually three if you count my spoiled dog, MAX (Havapoo short for Havanese Poodle).  Our kids both joke that Max is the favorite child and all the inheritance will go to him someday!!  Kelsey works remotely at Pacific Cycle, Inc. as Cash Application Supervisor in Olney, Illinois and she lives in Desota, Illinois.  Jordan works as a Physical Therapist at Rehabilitation & Performance Institute in Effingham, Illinois.   He lives in Wheeler, Illinois with his wife Skylee and 2 daughters, Klark and Quinn and & Theo (Goldendoodle short for Golden Retriever Poodle). As Klark would say you can’t forget Theo!!

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I graduated Olney Central College in 1988 with an Associate degree as Administrative Assistant.  I actually started working at Peoples State Bank as an intern in the accounting department my last year of college.  It didn’t take me long to realize that I was a people person, so I moved from accounting to the teller department.  My husband would probably say, people person means I like to talk too much!! 

In 2002, I took advantage of an opportunity to work with Steve Mammoser in the investing department.   Back then, I had no idea what a wonderful learning opportunity this would be, especially from a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional like Steve.     A lot of work & time goes into making a financial plan for a client.  Just think about it this way, we are all created differently and not one of us is created the same.  With that being said, each plan is individually prepared with you, the client in mind.  Why not take the opportunity to come meet the staff at Peoples Wealth Management to see how we can help you with all your retirement and investment needs.

Ok a little more about me, to relax, I love to drive in my jeep with the music up loud.  Yes I am one of those people, that are singing and dancing in their cars, please do not judge until you try it!!  I also love to spend time with my husband Kevin and my two children that is when they have enough time for their old mother!!  But as most Grandparents say… the grandchildren are where it is at.  I enjoy days off with Klark—we have Klark-Gammy Adventure Days.  I told Klark that Quinn will soon be able to come along no Gammy she is a baby.  Well I believe that someone just doesn’t want to share but it sure makes me feel special.  Grandchildren are the BEST!! 

I have a total of 35 years of investment and banking service experience, along with my life and health insurance licenses.  With my extensive investment service knowledge, I look forward to meeting with you and your family to help with your investment needs. 

Whitney Benefiel

Client Service Assistant

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Originally from Teutopolis, my husband, Josh, and I moved to Lawrenceville after we were married to start our life together.  We lived there for about 5 years, but after having children of our own, we decided to move back to the area in 2013 to be closer to our families.  We planted our family’s roots in Newton, my husband’s hometown.  Josh and I have three children, Ava, Hudson, and Griffin.  Ava is our 11 year old who is getting into sports, is my helping hand with her brothers, and who is already almost taller than me!  Hudson is our 8 year old who has a huge imagination and keeps everyone in our house laughing.  We welcomed our third child, Griffin, just two years ago! He joined our family a little later, but he has been such a great addition and has us all chasing after him all the time.  When Josh is not keeping busy with our own children, he is helping to enrich other children’s lives as an elementary principal in a nearby community.

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I started my college career at Lake Land College and graduated with an associate’s degree in Business Administration.  I then continued on to Eastern Illinois University to earn a bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing.  I realized during college, as I was taking accounting, finance, and other mathematical classes that I was best suited for the “numbers world”, which is the direction I have went ever since.

I come to Peoples Wealth Management with a broad background in investments and accounting.  My main role and commitment is helping clients and making their experience as seamless as possible.  Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, being outdoors, crafting, shopping, and decorating.  When we need a break from our busy schedules, we look forward to a beach vacation every year.  I consider the beach my “happy place” and it’s nice to not make any plans for the week, relax, and just let the kids play.  I love meeting new people and I look forward to getting to know more people in our community and assisting with their investment needs.