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Steve Mammoser

Your Full Service Financial Provider

At Peoples Wealth Management, our experienced investment professionals take a hands-on approach when it comes to the investment planning process.  We strive to provide comprehensive guidance, up-to-date information, and exceptional customer care in every stage of our client’s goals and objectives. 

We place a major emphasis on educating current and upcoming retirees on how to protect their assets, organize, and create a plan by utilizing tax advantage strategies and considering time horizon and lifetime needs.  For clients considering retirement, we assist in preparing and developing a multi-level retirement approach.  This includes pre-tax, after-tax, and tax free portfolios for a more tax efficient distribution plan and addressing estate planning concerns for life’s unexpected events. 

For our retired clients, we focus on tax efficient income distributions, along with wealth preservation.  We work with successful clients that are interested in holistic planning, realizing that investments are only a part of the conversation.  Our office takes pride in developing long term relationships with our clients and their other trusted professionals, such as their CPA or attorney, to develop a plan for accumulation, preservation, and wealth transfer.

Let us help guide you toward a worry and stress-free retirement!